Study of Cycles
Where Direction and Timing Matter Most

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BASIC information is presented for those unfamiliar with or new to Elliott Wave Theory, Cycles, the Fibonacci numbers, and / or expected market variation.

It is our experience that many financial services, investment counselors and sites confuse market participants more than they illuminate; our first and primary aim is clarity. Please note that tutorials on this site are free for viewing. Please see the Tutorials page for a list of all free tutorials available. Links to key reference information are located lower in the page.

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Last Updated: 01/02/2017

BASICS  (click on the image to the left)

The basics of Elliott Wave Theory are explained in these videos (more to follow). Visitors are urged to read The Elliott Wave Principle by Frost & Prechter, New Classics Library, to have a more thorough foundation of wave theory, the importance of the Elliott trend channel, the types and styles of corrections and the nature of the Fibonacci sequence.

It is the opinion of this site that 85 - 90% of the tools needed to succeed in the market are available in that one text and subsequent reading. Bear in mind, however, that while the ideas presented are simple, diligence and persistence are needed in application.
Links to Cycle Related Information Appear Below
Benner-Fibonacci Cycle Chart and Information
Free! Click on Link at the Left (scroll down half way)
Nicholas Kondratieff 55-year Cycle
Free! Click on Link at the Left

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