Study of Cycles
Where Direction and Timing Matter Most

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TUTORIALS explain the important concepts of Elliott Wave Theory. They consist of 1) Reading Lists, and 2) quality videos prepared by qualified individuals in their fields. The books in the reading list, of course, may involve a purchase price, if not found elsewhere, but the videos, are currently free!

In our experience, 'counting' Elliott Waves and trading are very, very different disciplines. So, we are providing references for each, although we ourselves, do not provide trading or investment advice.

Learning Elliott Wave trading is a professional discipline. In our experience it can take 5 - 10 years before one understands the discipline well enough to have confidence in it's mastery. Take it slow, but do it all.

As with all trading, losses can and do occur, and one is advised to consult their financial advisor to determine the suitability of this information to their own particular situation.
Reading List for Elliott Wave Theory Video List for Elliott Wave Theory

The Elliott Wave Principle, by Frost & Prechter, 10th Edition, New Classics Library. If you have a subscription to, you can read the book online here. Or, the book can be purchased here from Amazon.

Mastering Elliott Wave, by Glen Neely, Windsor Books,
Version 2. Available here from Amazon. Caution: this book is for the very advanced. The videos to the right, and much actual practice applying wave theory are recommended first.


Elliott Wave Theory, Modules 1 - 4, available on You Tube. This series consists of four modules in several parts. It is the only free credible video series found, so far, in the public domain, and is the only one recommended. Links to the modules:

Update: We have recently become aware that the owner of these modules has deleted their YouTube account, making them not available. If we come across another credible series in the public domain, we will let you know.
Reading List for Elliott Wave Trading Video List for Elliott Wave Trading

Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably, by Stephen W. Posner, Wiley Trading. The books is available from Amazon at this link.

Trading Chaos, by Bill Williams, and Justine Williams, 2nd Edition, Wiley Trading. Available here from Amazon.

Trading for a Living, Alexander Elder, Wiley Trading. This book is available here from Amazon.

Visual Guide To Elliott Wave Trading, Gorman, Kennedy, and Prechter. Wiley Trading. This book is available here from Wiley.

The Top Ten Basic Forex Technnical Indicators, by, this video is highly credible by an experienced bank trader, and is highly recommended whether or not Elliott Wave Theory is used for trading. It is available here.

The Practical Fractal, by Bill Williams of Profitunity Trading. You will understand this video (teaser) better when you have read the Trading Chaos book to the left. The video is avaible here.

Trading With the Elliott Wave Principle - Jamie Saettele of is a credible review, but not as in depth as the video above. It is available here.

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